The Hog Roast Experts in Braintree

The Hog Roast Experts in BraintreeB

Take the hard work out of feeding your special occasion and corporate party guests, with a hog roast feast from the Braintree hog roast experts! We have a wealth of experience in event catering and are able to delight your guests whether you are holding an intimate birthday bash or a huge wedding reception.

We have over a decade experience in hog roasting and events catering. During this time, we’ve successfully provided the food for hundreds of different events across the locality. Our team of chefs not only know how to perfectly roast the most succulent whole hog, they know how to prepare a variety of other scrumptious dishes to satisfy partygoers young and old. We always use the best ingredients possible, from local sources, because we like to support local business as well as providing the freshest flavours.

So why would you want to look anywhere else? The experts are right here with Hog Roast Braintree!

Hog Roasts and Catering for all Events


At Hog Roast Braintree, we know that hog roasts can make a brilliant centrepiece for your event. They look and smell great, entertaining guests as well as cooking their supper! The team at Hog Roast Braintree are known for bringing that spark to every occasion, even attending local festivals to allow the community to try their food. The food festival held here in Braintree always smells of rich hog and delicious ingredients and everyone knows which tent it is coming from. Our positive attitude and five star reviews create the reputation that we proudly hold within the district.

Hog roast Braintree are made up of a team of dedicated professionals that are there to cater for any of your chosen events. Whether it be a wedding, a christening, a garden party or a simple birthday, the wonderful caterers The Hog Roast Experts in Braintreewill have your back and serve up a fine feast for your chosen guests. The extensive menus are flexible for anyone that enjoys a meat feast or has a special requirement.

Whatever dishes you fancy as part of you party food, we can supply the meats for roasting – from a whole hog to joints of pork. Plus, we also do a wonderful choice of recipes for Vegetarians too. In total we have fourteen menus to choose from, all being updated frequently to keep them affordable and delicious.

Do you need drinks as part of our hog roast package? That’s no problem, we can work something out to match your budget.

Lease a Hog Roast Machine

We also offer leasing of hog roast machines should you wish to cook your own hog roast without the assistance of external staff. Sometimes you just want to get on and enjoy your party in peace. Book a machine from us we’ll bring the roasting equipment to your venue, set-up, show you how to use the machine and arrange details of pick-up. You don’t even need to clean-up after, we’ll just collect the equipment as is and give it a good scrub ourselves – saving you the stress.

We recommend that you get in touch for an accurate quote that suits your event needs, guests and their tastes. Whatever you need, we can help you make sure your guests leave your do with a big grin and a full tummy. Contact us now to get started with planning your perfect party meal.